Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day 145 - May 25th

I've wanted to take a photograph of this view for several weeks. Today on our way back from the supermarket, I finally got the chance. The sun was shining, it wasn't raining and the field gateway we needed to pull into didn't have another car parked in it. This is the view we get every time we drive into our village at this time of year. Fields and fields of vivid yellow rapeseed. 

Rapeseed oil was originally produced in the 19th century as a source of a lubricant for steam engines but now it is turned into vegetable oil for cooking.  

Day 144 - May 24th

Lara made homemade pizza for us tonight. Yum.

Day 143 - May 23rd

Aquilegia flowers in the garden.

Day 142 - May 22nd

These pink Lily of the Valley plants are so soft and delicate and small devine.

Day 141 - May 21st

Tomatoes growing in the greenhouse. Hopefully we will have a nice crop later in the year.

Day 140 - May 20th

This Choisya in the garden is in bloom at the moment and looks lovely when the sun shines on it (not often at the moment). 

Day 139 - May 19th

This afternoon was warm enough for a BBQ. Not warm enough to sit outside to eat but warm enough to cook outside. Steak, sausages and pork were on the menu.

Day 138 - May 18th

This morning we went to the Letchworth Food Festival. There were lots of stalls in the town centre selling all sorts of produce including meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables, wines, cakes and fudge and there were all sorts of hot and tasty meals from all over the world being cooked - crepes, South African street food, Thai food, Indian food, Caribbean food, Mexican Street Food, pizzas, sausages and loads more. 

The huge cream donuts on one of the stalls caught our eye and we took a couple home to eat with our lunch.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Day 137 - May 17th

Bluebells in the garden.

Day 136 - May 16th

Handmade card for my friend Lynn's birthday.

Day 135 - May 15th

Our cat loves to drink from the kitchen tap. He jumps up onto the draining board and sits waiting for someone to turn on the tap so he can lap from the flow of water. Not ideal, but as he refuses to drink from a bowl, at least by letting him do this we know he is getting some water.

Day 134 - May 14th

The occasional spell of bright, sunny weather we've had this week has enticed the birds onto the lawn. I snapped this blackbird through the living room window just after she'd plucked a worm from the grass.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Day 133 - May 13th

The weather today has been horrible. Brilliant sunshine and blue skies one minute then black clouds and torrential rain the next. On our way home from Lara's gym class this evening we saw a beautiful rainbow and I tried unsuccessfully to photograph it with my phone. When we got home another rainbow appeared and this time I had my camera on hand and was able to capture it.

Day 132 - May 12th

As well as bringing back the huge bar of chocolates from Cadbury's World Lara also back back a lovely box of heart shaped praline chocolates for her Dad and me.

Day 131 - May 11th

Today Lara went to Cadburys World with the Guides. She took some spending money and came home with this HUGE bar of Dairy Milk chocolate!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Day 130 - May 10th

I made a batch of jam tarts this morning - 6 raspberry, 6 strawberry and 6 apricot. They wont last long!

Day 129 - May 9th

Hunting for something to photograph each day has made me much more aware of what is happening in the garden. This Kerria Japonica (Jew's Mallow) is tucked away behind a gate and not visible unless you look for it. It is such a pretty plant and so bright and colourful.

Day 128 - May 8th

I went out into the garden today in search of bugs and beasties to photograph. I don't particularly like insects but they are fascinating to photograph. All I could find was this bee and he didn't hang around for long once he knew he was being watched.

Day 127 - May 7th

Apple blossom in the front garden.

Day 126 - May 6th

Bank Holiday Monday today so we took Lara and Millie to Marston Vale Country Park for a walk/cycle ride. It was a glorious sunny day and we had a lovely few hours.

Day 125 - May 5th

Bright pink blossom on trees alongside the road. Last time I took part in 'A Photo a Day' I photographed the blossom on these trees nearly a month earlier. The cold winter has certainly made everything later this year.

Day 124 - May 4th

Wayne captured this gorgeous sunset this evening whilst walking Millie.

Day 123 - May 3rd

In our shopping this week we had a punnet of strawberries. We've had a few punnets over the past few months and for the first time these imported strawberries really tasted like strawberries should taste - sweet and juicy. A sign that summer is on its way I think.

Day 122 - May 2nd

At this time of year, one of the raised flower beds in the garden is covered in this beautiful blue Aubrieta and it cascades over the edge of the wall giving a lovely splash of colour. Did you know Aubrieta is a member of the cabbage family?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 121 - May 1st

Not a good start to the month. I've been unwell today and spent the entire day snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa.

Day 120 - April 30th

I looked in my Dad's greenhouse this afternoon for an orchid to photograph but there weren't many in flower so instead I photographed a cactus

Day 119 - April 29th

I took advantage of the nice weather today and ventured out into the garden again to photograph these beautiful little blue flowers.

Day 118 - April 28th

After a weekend of crafting, chatting, eating, drinking and lots of laughing I came away with nine completed scrapbook pages.

Day 117 - April 27th

In between crafting, I spied these beautiful white Narcissus plants in the garden of the house we stayed at. 

Day 116 - April 26th

With the recent change of weather the garden has really sprung into life. It s amazing what a difference some sunshine makes. These tulips are a picture.

Day 115 - April 25th

We recently bought a couple of pots all planted up with spring flowers. These little Pansies are really pretty.

Day 114 - April 24th

I am spending next weekend in Essex crafting with a group of like minded friends. We meet up once a year and traditionally we exchange little gifts. This year I put together some acrylic pillow boxes filled with Skittles sweeties.

Day 113 - April 23rd

The sun is shining and Tux has seized the opportunity to catch some rays in the garden.

Day 112 - April 22nd

I sold a few bits and pieces on Ebay this weekend and they are all parcelled up ready to go to the post office.