Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 30 - January 30th

This morning when I took Millie for a walk there were signs of the dusting of snow we had last night. 

In the garden the plants looked like they had been sprinkled with sugar.

Day 29 - January 29th

Snow was forecast today. Mid afternoon we had hail!

There was a lot of hail and looking at the grass you could easily have been mistaken in thinking that it has snowed.

Eventually the hail did to snow. It didn't snow for long and what was left was minimal.

Later when it was dark the snow returned but it was too dark to photograph.

Day 28 - January 28th

I am not green fingered and each year it amazes me when the Cyclamen on my kitchen window starts to bloom. 

How can a plant that is so neglected for much of the year produce so many flowers? The buds are just starting to appear (a bit later this year than last) and hopefully will soon open.

The leaves are quite pretty too.

Day 27 - January 27th

I think Lara should have been born in the 1970s!

Having taken a liking to her lava lamps, this week she has rediscovered her Rubik's Cube and spent quite some time, with the help of a You Tube video, working out how to get each face the correct colour. She finally succeeded.

Day 26 - January 26th

A couple of weeks ago I bought Tux a radiator cat bed. He spends quite a lot of time sleeping on the landing next to the radiator so I hoped he would like a radiator bed. I didn't however hold out much hope that he would use it but these past few days he's bravely climbed into it for a snooze. Not sure how long it will be before he finds somewhere else to sleep but for the time being he seems happy in his new position.

Day 25 - January 25th

Today we took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Putting extra food out for the birds last week seemed to help because we managed to see more birds this year than last.

During an hour we spotted 7 blackbirds, 3 starlings, 1 blue tit, 3 collared doves, 1 wood pigeon and 1 jackdaw.

Day 24 - January 24th

 Today we went for a very muddy walk over the fields with Millie.

After walking across one ploughed field our boots resembled moon boots with a thick layer of mud surrounding them. It made it very hard to walk as our feet got heavier and heavier as we walked.

Luckily our feet were safely inside our boots unlike poor Millie who not only had the moon boot effect surrounding her paws but also had mud squelching between her toes!

I was surprised to notice some catkins already in the hedgerows.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 23 - January 23rd

This morning we woke to a really heavy frost. I love the icy patterns that were left on the car windows.

Day 22 - January 22nd

In preparation of this weekends RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch I have been putting extra food out for the birds over the last few days

It didn't take the birds long to realise there was a feast available to them and quite a number of blackbirds and starlings were soon tucking in.

Lets hope they come again at the weekend! 

In 2013 we counted 16 birds during the hour spent birdwatching but last year only 6 birds were counted. Lets hope we have better luck this weekend.

Day 21 - January 21st

Last week I posted pictures of the Pedigree Pals plaques I received for Christmas. I also received a Pedigree Pals Tuxedo cat ornament which now sit proudly on the bookcase with the labrador we already had.

Day 20 - January 20th

This morning I woke up to a lovely pink tinged sky. 

Unfortunately later the sun came out but the dark clouds rolled in.

Day 19 - January 19th

A couple of days ago Lara decided she wanted to use the lava lamp that she was given a few years ago. Unfortunately, having stood unused for sometime the 'lava' didn't flow and we decided it was destined for the bin.

Yesterday we went out and Lara bought a replacement lamp with some of her Christmas/birthday money. 

Needless to say after buying the second lamp, the original lamp decided to spring into life so she now have two of these retro lamps to amuse her.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 18 - January 18th

All the flowers in the Hyacinth basket are now out. 

Day 17 - January 17th

Today was the first opportunity we have had to take Millie for a long walk over the fields this year, so after a brief 15 minute flurry of snowflakes (which didn't settle) we wrapped up and braved the cold.

After temperatures dropped to below zero last night the puddles were covered in thick layers of ice.

Where vehicles and other people had walked the ice had been smashed and lay like shattered glass.

I couldn't resist crunching through some of the ice too.

Despite the chill, on our way home the sun came out and the sky was brilliant blue colour.

Day 16 - January 16th

Quite a few of the daffodils in the garden are now showing.

The bulbs in the raised beds aren't as advanced though as those growing in the borders.

Some of the bulbs in the borders (and some that have crept onto the edge of the lawn!) are already in bud.

Day 15 - January 15th

Today I did some scrapbooking.

Day 14 - January 14th

I'm a big fan of Pedigree Pals products and today I finally got around to displaying the two plaques I was given at Christmas. 

I also received a Tuxedo Cat ornament but the light was too poor today to photograph that so I'll save photographing that for another day.

Day 13 - January 13th

At Guides tonight the girls made bracelets for each other with different coloured beads to indicate how many pets they had, how many siblings they had, if they had previously been a Brownie, etc. 

Day 12 - January 12th

The first of the Hyacinths in the basket that Lauren and James gave me for my birthday is now in flower. I love the pink waxy petals and although some people don't like the small of hyacinths I quite like the scent.

Day 11 - January 11th

Lara is a fan of Woodcraft model kits so today she bought a penguin kit with some of her birthday/Christmas money. As soon as we got home she put the critters together.