Saturday, 31 December 2016

Day 365 - December 30th

For Christmas Lara received a Sequin Art kit. She really enjoys these kit which produce beautiful pictures using sequins and beads on a velvet background. Today the picture of a wolf which Lara had been working on was finished.

Day 364 - December 29th

When walking Millie this morning, the ground was covered in a thick frost and you could easily have been mistaken by thinking that it had snowed.

My car windscreens was coated in a think layer and much scraping was needed before it could safely be driven.

Day 363 - December 28th

Just before Christmas I bought a pot of hyacinths. When I bought them home the flowers were still tightly shut but a week or so of warmth on the kitchen windowsill and they are now in full bloom The smell is amazing.

Day 362 - December 27th

After a fairly mild few days, it was somewhat colder when we took Millie for a walk this morning.

Where the sun had yet to get, the frost still lay.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Day 361 - December 26th (Boxing Day)

Today we continued a tradition we started last year of going to the cinema on Boxing Day.

Sometimes cinema visits are to our local independent cinema but when we want to make more of an occasion of the trip or when the film demands it, we go to the IMAX. This afternoon we saw 'Star Wars - Rogue One' so went to the IMAX.

We really enjoyed the film and returned home to spend the evening chilling by the fire in front of the TV.

Day 360 - December 25th (Christmas Day)

We woke this morning on what was forecast to be the warmest Christmas Day on record to a huge pile of presents under the tree. 

Everyone had been remembered, even Millie and Tux.

After a brief visit in the morning from Wayne's Dad, my Mum & Dad joined us for lunch and the customary group photos were taken.

After lunch we opened presents.

The evening was spent playing games, eating and drinking and enjoying each others company. It was a good day.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Day 359 - December 24th (Christmas Eve)

It's Christmas Eve and Lara is making the mince pies. This is an annual tradition and I've written about it before on my blog.

Each year she gets more proficient at this task, and now needs very little help or guidance.

Before making the mince pies she also assembled a small gingerbread house which I had bought as a kit.

Whilst the finished effect was quite good, I wouldn't suggest anyone tries to eat it. When the ready made icing which came with the kit failed to stick the house together, Lara resorted to hot glue to stick it together! 😲

So with all the preparations for tomorrow about finished and everyone is home, we are all relaxing this evening and wish all our family and friends a very Happy Christmas.

Day 358 - December 23rd

I bought this robin from a  local nursery a month or more ago and its been sitting on my kitchen windowsill ever since. I think its meant to go outside but it looks quite festive in the kitchen and the cyclamen in it seems to like it there.

Day 357 - December 22nd

I've been given a gift of a pot of cream, pink and red Poinsettias.

I've never had a cream Poinsettia before. It will be interesting to see how it does.

Day 356 - December 21st

I borrowed this picture from Google. Today is the first day of winter. It is also the day with the fewest hours of sunlight during the whole year. Thankfully this means the days will now start getting lighter. 😊

Day 355 - December 20th

Today when collecting wood from the log store for the fire I notice these toadstools (mushrooms?) growing on one of the logs.

I guess its evidence of the damp mild weather we've been having,

Day 354 - December 19th


Day 353 - December 18th

An interesting addition to the range of Pringles available this Christmas.

Day 352 - December 17th

Today Theo and his parents visited my Mum & Dad so we took the opportunity to spend time with them and to hand over cards and gifts for Christmas. 

Taking photos of Theo isn't easy when he's on the move, but I managed to snap a couple of pictures when he paused for a few minutes to catch his breath.

Day 351 - December 16th

Happy Birthday Lara!

Day 350 - December 15th

Christmas is coming, the Poinsettias have been bought.

Day 349 - December 14th

In the morning when I walk Millie it's really dark. It has also been quite misty on several mornings. Roll on the lighter days.

Day 348 - December 13th

Lara is doing cookery again at school this cycle. This week she made cheesecake. It was delicious!

Day 347 - December 12th

We're not doing too bad with our Advent Candle this year. There haven't been many days when we've forgotten to light it.

Day 346 - December 11th

Today we put up the Christmas tree. We've had this artificial tree for many, many years but it still looks good.