Monday, 30 May 2016

Day 151 - May 30th

Our walk this morning took us through a field which at this time of year is always full of buttercups.

There weren't as many buttercups as in previous years but still plenty for Millie to hide in.

Day 150 - May 29th

I love the blossom in the hedgerow at this time of year. I think this is hawthorn blossom. It's so pretty and the flowers are white or pink.

On returning from our walk, we were able to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law on a flying visit from the States.

Day 149 - May 28th

Each week, more and more flowers are coming into bloom.

Day 148 - May 27th

Weigela in full bloom.

Day 147 - May 26th

When parking my car in the car park at work this morning, I spotted this snail.

Day 146 - May 25th

Last weekend we bought some new goldfish. the last of our previous family of goldfish died a couple of weeks ago so after cleaning and setting up the tank again we now have four new fish.

'Pearl' and 'Lizard' ........

'Pumpkin' .........

and 'Shadow'.

Day 145 - May 24th

Today exam period started.

Christopher had his final exam at university and Steven had his first A level exam.

Cards wishing 'Good Luck' were received.

Unfortunately the card I posted to Christopher in Nottingham was rather badly treated by Royal Mail!

Day 144 - May 23rd

The rose bush I photographed last week now has one or two roses in full bloom.

Day 143 - May 22nd

Yesterday we bought some bedding plants so today Lara was put to work planting up some tubs.

Day 142 - May 21st

Last week we noticed evidence of a mouse in the kitchen! It is quite common at this time of year for Tux to catch mice but if he brings them into the house alive we can usually shoo him outside with them or, if we're lucky, get the mouse away from him and release it back outside.

Unfortunately, we assume that a mouse had managed to escape from Tux without us knowing and had taken shelter in the kitchen. So, a trap was set in the cupboard under the sink with peanut butter as bait and on the first evening the mouse was caught.

This morning we took the trap to the fields we often walk with Millie, to release 'Mickey'

Day 141 - May 20th

I bought a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket the other day and it had some huge yellow Gerberas.

Day 140 - May 19th

Millie enjoying the sunshine.

Day 139 - May 18th

Today Lara had a return visit to the Orthodontist for the tightening of her brace. She chose red and blue band this time.

Day 138 - May 17th

A rose bush in my Mum & Dad's garden is just starting toflower.

Day 137 - May 16th

The lilac bush in our front garden looks a picture at the moment.

It looks beautiful from a distance and close up it is just as lovely with thousands of waxy white flowers.

Day 136 - May 15th

After his dust bath the other day, today Tux decided to sun himself inside in the sunshine streaming through the window.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Day 135 - May 14th

Like the Choisya bushes, the Spirea bush also provides a good show of flowers each year. The sprays of tiny white flowers cover the bush.

Like the Choisya it could do with a good prune and I have read that it can be cut almost to the ground and it will regrow, but I'm not sure I want to take the risk.

Day 134 - May 13th

Tux is enjoying the sunny weather we've had this week. He loves taking a dust bath when its hot and sunny and today I caught him having a good ol' roll about on the flowerbed!

Luckily the summer bedding plants haven't been set yet, but once they have it will put pay to his fun.

Day 133 - May 12th

The Choisya bushes really like the soil here and always do well. There are a two in our back garden and they are covered in flower at the moment. They could probably do with a prune because they're not the best shape but whilst they're in flower we'll leave them alone.

Day 132 - May11th

Mum & Dad have lots of Pinks in the garden. There are one or two already flowering like this pale pink one which I noticed beneath some shrubs.

Day 131 - May 10th

My blog is  becoming very botanical! 

The grass is really growing now and needs cutting weekly. In between the grass cuts the daisies spring up and now they are also joined by the buttercups.

Day 130 - May 9th

The pink Lily of the Valley plants are now flowering.

Day 129 - May 8th

Today has been hot, hot, HOT! The Ice Cream van showed up at just the right moment to cool down Lara and her friend. 

Day 128 - May 7th

The Horse Chestnut trees at the bottom of our road are now in full flower.

Day 127 - May 6th

Having photographed the fringed tulips at Mum & Dad's a couple of weeks ago, yesterday Mum bought me a bunch of fringed tulips back from the supermarket. They're a lovely colour and really unusual.

Day 126 - May 5th

In many parts of the country elections are taking place today. Here in Bedfordshire we only have the election for the new Police and Crime Commissioner.

Day 125 - May 4th

I noticed some different Orchids in flower in Mum & Dad's conservatory this morning.

Day 124 - May 3rd

Beautiful Mountain Cornflowers in Mum & Dad's garden.