Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 242 - August 29th

Today we went 'Back to School' shoe shopping. Just one child to buy shoes for this year.

Day 241 - August 28th

Despite news that the UK wild bee population is sadly in decline, there have been an abundance of bees in our garden this week collecting pollen from the marigolds.

Day 240 - August 27th

This morning we took Millie for a walk over the fields. Due to holidays, etc. its been several weeks since we walked this way and the fields have now been harvested and ploughed.

Autumn is certainly creeping in. On our walk we spotted subtle signs of the coming season. In the hedgerows there are berries.

Some of the hedgerows are covered.

There are quite a few blackberries. Some of the berries are green....

....some have turned pink and a few are already black. Wayne sampled one - it wasn't very tasty.

Butterflies were still fluttering about enjoying the flowers that are still around.

We noticed these blue flowers which we'd not seen before. I looked then up when I got home and was surprised to find that they're Chicory flowers.

Day 239 - August 26th

The Rowan tree is covered in bright orange berries. I read online that you can make Rowan Berry Marmalade!

Day 238 - August 25th

During the daytime Millie often lays in the living room gazing out of the patio doors. I managed to snap her from the other side of the glass.

Day 237 - August 24th

Autumn is coming - the conkers are on the trees.

Day 236 - August 23rd

This afternoon I had to take Lara to the dentist for her routine checkup. Afterwards we did  bit of shopping. I was rather surprised (although I probably shouldn't have been!) to see that some of the shops already had Christmas goodies for sale. Over four months to Christmas Day and the countdown appears to have already begun.

Day 235 - August 22nd

Most summers, during the school summer holiday, Lara has enjoyed some craft activities. Unfortunately this summer there's not been much time for craft. However, these last few days she's been making some bracelets. 

The bracelets started out as large wooden lollipop sticks which had to be soaked in water for several days until they were soft enough to bend. The bent sticks then had to be left for a day to completely dry out.

The bracelets were then decorated with washy tape and tied with twine. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Day 234 - August 21st

This morning Lara and I visited the Stamperama Rubber Stamp and Papercraft Show at Stevenage. Its a show we visit most years and as I've not bought any craft supplies for such a long time it was an opportunity have a bit of a splurge!

Day 233 - August 20th

As Steven will be moving to Brunel University next month we decided to visit the university again this morning for a campus tour. We last visited the university in June 2015 when Steven was considering which university to apply to, so decided another visit would be a good idea so he could familiarise himself with where the various types of accommodation were before applying for his flat.

being out of term time, the campus was very quite with only a handful of other families also on the tour.

This evening we were supposed to be at the Sundown Cinema watching 'Star Wars- The Force Awakens' under the stars. Unfortunately for the second year running (we had booked to see a movie last year) the showing has been cancelled due to the weather. Gales force winds are forecast and it's not safe to hold the screening!

Day 232 - August 19th

Mum and Dad have some beautiful white Dahlias in their garden.

Day 231 - August 18th

Today was another very important day for Steven He's had quite a week.

Today after a long wait, Steven received his A level results and successfully secured his place at Brunel University to study Computer Science from September. Well done Steven. The hard work paid off and we're so proud of you.

Day 230 - August 17th

Before we went on holiday the begonias in our garden were not doing well. They looked rather small and pitiful.

Whilst we were away they have really come on.

Day 229 - August 16th

Several months ago we bought a chilli pepper plant. Its been in the greenhouse and has steadily been growing.

The chillies that the plant has produced are a lots smaller then the chillies we've grown previously and there are lots of them!

I've heard that generally the smaller the chilli the hotter it is and am therefore rather wary of trying these as they really do look as if they will be hot!

Day 228 - August 15th

Today Steven took his Theory Driving Test. It was a really hot day and Lara and I sat by the car in the sunshine whilst he did his test inside.

We were thrilled when he came out to tell us that he had passed.

Day 227 - August 14th

Today we joined other members of Wayne's family for a BBQ to day hello to Wayne's cousins Paul & his wife Barbara who were visiting from New Zealand. Wayne had not seen his cousin Paul since he emigrated with his family over 40 years ago. Like Wayne, Paul is a twin and his twin brother Martin visited us 22 years ago when he was in the UK shortly after Christopher was born.

Before going to the BBQ we took Paul and Barbara for a walk around Wrest Park. It was the ideal place to walk and talk and get to know each other.

Day 226 - August 13th

Today we packed up our holiday home, locked the door and headed home. The end of a lovely restful week away.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Day 225 - August 12th

Today we woke to a gorgeous, hot, sunny day which was particularly welcome as today was Wayne's birthday and we wanted to spend the day outside.

The day started with the opening of presents and cards which were mainly alcohol or car themed!

After breakfast we headed to Lowestoft for a day on the beach. 

It was extremely hot and a paddle in the sea was called for.

Some preferred to stay in the shade of the beach tent.

Before heading back to our holiday home we had a family game of crazy golf.

The birthday boy won!