Monday, 1 May 2017

Day 121 - May 1st

Whilst walking Millie this morning I nearly stepped on this tiny guy crawling along the edge of the wooden steps. Luckily I managed to side step him and he continued on his snaily way.

Day 120 - April 30th

This afternoon we had a trip to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Really enjoyed it.

Day 119 - April 29th

Whilst walking this morning we noticed how dry the ground is. We haven't had any significant rain for quite some time and the ground on some footpaths is very hard and cracked.

Day 118 - April 28th

Like the Choisya, you have to get up quiet close to really see how pretty the flowers on the Spiria bush are. Last year we cut the bush which was over 6' high back to about a 12" from the ground and hoped that it would recover. Thankfully it has sprung back to life and is now covered in blooms. The other Spiria bush in the back garden will this year be cut back in a similar way.

Day 117 - April 27th

The Choisya bushes are now in full flower. You have to get up quite close to appreciate how lovely the individual flowers are.

Day 116 - April 26th

Delicate pink Lily of the Valley. 

Day 115 - April 25th

Whilst I was away at the weekend, Lara began making a glider. 

Her school is holding a STEM activity morning in connection with the de Havilland Moth Club & the Shuttleworth Trust.  5 students will be selected for the opportunity to experience real flying in a vintage aeroplane at a de Havilland Moth Club Charity Flying event in the summer. A competition to design a glider capable of travelling the greatest distance is being held to determine which students get to go up in the aeroplane and Lara is keen to win! Unfortunately the first glider she has made doesn't fly too well so it will be back to the drawing board to design another before Friday.

Day 114 - April 24th

Beautiful sunset this evening when driving home from Lara's gym class.

Day 113 - April 23rd

After breakfast this morning i went for a walk around the garden at Easthampstead Park. The building is very impressive

It is a popular wedding venue and yesterday two weddings took place. It would be lovely in the warmer months to get married in this outside Wedding Pavilion,

In the garden and surrounding area flowers were blooming including beautiful pink Rhododendron.

Day 112 - April 22nd

Today I spent the day paper crafting whilst chatting and enjoying the company of friends. 

Day 111 - April 21st

Today I joined a group of crafty friends at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre in Berkshire for our annual weekend of crafting. For over ten years this group of friends have been getting together once a year to spend time together and it is the fourth year that the group have stayed at Easthampstead Park.

In the middle ages Easthampstead Park was park of Windsor Park and was reserved for royal hunting. Later a lodge was built in the park and it is said that Catherine of Aragon spent some time there awaiting news of her husband Henry XIII attempts to divorce her.

The present mansion house was built in 1860 by the 4th Marquis of Downshire. It remained a private residence until the second world war when it was used by St. Pauls School which was evacuated from London and the army made use of the park. After the war, Easthampstead Park was sold to Berkshire County Council who used it as a training college for teachers. Today it is a conference centre and very popular wedding venue.

Day 110 - April 20th

The Kerria Japonica (Jew's Mallow) is now in bloom. 

Day 109 - April 19th

Very striking red and white tulip in Mum & Dads garden.

Day 108 - April 18th

Last year there was no blossom on the apple trees. This year they are covered. Hopefully a sign that apples will follow.

Day 107 - April 17th

Whilst my parents have been on holiday, Steven has been looking after my Dad's greenhouse. This afternoon I went with Steven to have a look at what was flowering.

There were several very pretty orchids in flower.