Sunday, 30 July 2017

Day 211 - July 30th

We spotted a few poppies growing alongside the wheat today. Such pretty flowers.

Day 210 - July 29th

The bees like the Agapanthus and this little chap was so covered in pollen as he flitted from flower to flower.

Day 209 - July 28th

The Pineapple Lily in my Mum & Dad's garden is very unusual. 

Day 208 - July 27th

Beautiful orange Dahlia in my Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 207 - July 26th

My Dad has grown a lot of Coleus plants this year and they are really thriving. I noticed the other day that they have blue flower spikes which I had never seen before.

Day 206 - July 25th

Huge daisies growing beside the field footpaths.

Day 205 - July 24th

I agreed some time ago, after much nagging, that Lara could have her ears pierced for a second time during the school summer holidays. Today was the first day of the holidays so I was kept to my word and off we went to town to get them done.

This photo was taken shortly afterwards and the nervous look on her face is strangely exactly the same as the first time she had her ears pierced.

Day 204 - July 23rd

Whilst buying dog food the other day we also bought this for the furry members of the family.

Pawsecco - a non alcoholic, grape free still wine for cats and dogs.

We will see what Miille and Tux make of it.

Day 203 - July 22nd

We assume it won't be long before the fields of wheat are harvested. 

Day 202 - July 21st

The bees really love the Marigolds.

Day 201 - July 20th

This afternoon I harvested some of the produce from our greenhouse. Don't be fooled! These are not Aubergine but rather purple chilli peppers and very small cherry tomatoes.

The purple chilli peppers are a first for us and we are yet to taste them to see how hot they are.

Day 200 - July 19th

Today was Lara's schools House Olympics. She had to go to school dressed in house colours. In her case, this was green so she also decided to fly the flag and spray her hair green for the day!

Day 199 - July 18th

Snoozy Tux!

Day 198 - July 17th

The blue Hibiscus in my Mum & Dad's garden are in full bloom at the moment and looking lovely.

Day 197 - July 16th

These caterpillars were spotted feeding on some weeds on the edge of our drive. Using Google we've identified them as Cinnabar Moth caterpillars. 

Day 196 - July 15th

There are hundreds of small Hedge Brown Butterflies in one of hedgerows we walk past on our dog walks. They are very skittish and usually take to the air when we pass by. They are therefore difficult to photographs but this one stayed still just long enough.

Day 195 - July 14th

Many Teasels are found on our dog walking routes and rings of lilac coloured flowers are now appearing up and down the flower heads.

Day 194 - July 13th

We spotted this car in a supermarket car park today. In my earlier life it would have been ideal for me!

Day 193 - July 12th

This bright pink wild flower called 'Rosebay Willowherb' or 'Fireweed' grows in random spots on our field walk. It 's striking pink colour stands out against the grasses.

Day 192 - July 11th

The white Dahlias I photographed in my Mum & Dad's garden a few weeks ago have now taken on a subtle pink hue.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Day 191 - July 10th

Tonight Lara performed with her percussion group at the Beds East Schools Trust's Summer Arts Festival. Many of the performances were outside and fortunately it was dry.

It was really good to see what Lara's been working on this term and here's a video of the performance.

Day 190 - July 9th

The individual flowers in the Hydrangea heads are so pretty and delicate especially when viewed close up. 

Day 189 - July 8th

The Sea Holly in my Mum and Dad;s garden is always very striking.

Day 188 - July 7th

Lots of apples on the apple trees this year. 

Day 187 - July 6th

The tomatoes in the greenhouse have really come on in recent weeks and hopefully will ripen.

Day 186 - July 5th

I bought a bunch of Alstroemeria flowers the other day. They look so cheerful.

Day 185 - July 4th

The Rowan Tree is covered in berries already.

Day 185 - July 3rd

Captured this retreating ladybird on a flower seed head today. Unlike the butterflies and bees, the ladybirds move somewhat slower and are easier to photograph!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Day 184 - July 2nd

Today we visited Wrest Park. There was quite a group of us.

Christopher and Lara took advantage of the glorious, warm weather and arrived in style.

Since last visiting Wrest Park, The Archers Pavilion has undergone some conservation work.

The outside of the building was certainly looking in a good state of repair.

I climbed one of the narrow spiral staircases to one of the tiny upper rooms from which the view of the park through the circular window is always spectacular.

A walk along the river took us to the Chinese Bridge....

 ... and beyond the bridge, close the water edge, the Chinese Pavilion.

Back in the gardens the roses were in full bloom 

Day 182 - July 1st

Sadly there has been mention in the news this week of pesticides damaging the survival of bee colonies and increasing calls for the ban of such products.

We were happy therefore today to see many bees on our walk. They particularly seem to be attracted to the many Field Scabious flowers which are a common site at this time of year.

Day 181 - June 30th

These white Dalia flowers are flowering at the moment.