Sunday, 2 July 2017

Day 184 - July 2nd

Today we visited Wrest Park. There was quite a group of us.

Christopher and Lara took advantage of the glorious, warm weather and arrived in style.

Since last visiting Wrest Park, The Archers Pavilion has undergone some conservation work.

The outside of the building was certainly looking in a good state of repair.

I climbed one of the narrow spiral staircases to one of the tiny upper rooms from which the view of the park through the circular window is always spectacular.

A walk along the river took us to the Chinese Bridge....

 ... and beyond the bridge, close the water edge, the Chinese Pavilion.

Back in the gardens the roses were in full bloom 

Day 182 - July 1st

Sadly there has been mention in the news this week of pesticides damaging the survival of bee colonies and increasing calls for the ban of such products.

We were happy therefore today to see many bees on our walk. They particularly seem to be attracted to the many Field Scabious flowers which are a common site at this time of year.

Day 181 - June 30th

These white Dalia flowers are flowering at the moment.

Day 180 - June 29th

I love the colour of this Clematis in my Mum & Dad's garden. 

Day 179 - June 28th

Today Lara attended an 'Aim High - Cranfield University and Boeing International Women in Engineering' event at Cranfield University. The event was designed to demonstrate the wide range of careers available in engineering and tours included aviation, manufacturing, robotics, accident investigation, motor sports and water science.

I managed to borrow photo from twitter of Lara and her school friends at the event and Lara also took a quick photo of one of the racing cars on display.

Lara also pops up a few times in this short video from the Cranfield University website.

Day 178 - June 27th

We've had rain today! The roses and other flowers look so pretty with their coat of rain drops.

Day 177 - June 26th

All that remains of the poppies which I photographed at the beginning of the month are the seed heads. I'm hoping to collect some of the seeds to plant in our back garden. 

Whether the poppies that hopefully will grow will resemble the original poppies of take on a different colour is to be seen.

Day 176 - June 25th

Our walk this morning was accompanied by butterflies. Many were too skittish to let me photograph them but this Marbled White butterfly was happy to pose for a moment on some thistle flowers whilst I snapped him.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Day 175 - June 24th

Today Wayne and I spent the day at Royal Ascot. 

Our base for the day was Carriages Restaurant which is located on the upper floor of a luxury marquee within the Queen Anne Enclosure with spectacular views of the home straight and winning post. Throughout the day we were able to wander out onto the viewing balcony to watch the races and to people-watch.

We were also able to go downstairs beside the track to get a closer view.

We were treated to a four course lunch and afternoon tea in the restaurant.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the lunch but I did manage to get a picture of the delicious cake stand which carried the cakes and scones for afternoon tea.

As this next photos shows, with a complimentary bar (including champagne) throughout the day copious amounts of alcohol were also drunk!

Whilst we saw Her Majesty the Queen arrive at the racecourse, we were not close enough to take any worthwhile photos so I have borrowed this photo from the Daily Mail.

After lunch and between races, we took a stroll.

In the Pre-Parade Ring horse were being saddled up and led around before their race.

The huge Grandstand dominates the site and is quite a sight.

We had a lovely day at the races, despite not coming home with any winnings, and felt thoroughly spoilt. So pleased to have experienced this very English tradition.

Day 174 - June 23rd

The Alstroemeria plants are now flowering.

Day 173 - June 22nd

I spotted these beautiful little pink roses outside my Mum & Dad's house today. They are so pretty.

Day 172 - June 21st

Phew.... Today has been hot, hot, hot! This evening temperatures reached 31C. When Wayne got into his car to leave work the temperature inside the car was 40C!

Day 171 - June 20th

In the post today we received some tickets which we were excitedly waiting to be delivered. We have been invited by a business acquaintance to join him and others at Royal Ascot on Saturday and the tickets, etc arrived today.

The tickets, tags, information booklet and car parking permit all arrived in a very smart presentation box.

Day 170 - June 19th

This evening Tux decided to lay on the foot stool from where he got a good view out of the window and of the birds.

Day 169 - June 18th

The Fuschias in tubs in my Mum & Dad's garden look lovely at the moment. The other day one of my friends likened Fuschias to ballerinas. I'd not thought of that before but looking at this photo I understand what she means.

Day 168 - June 17th

It is definitely BBQ weather.

Day 167 - June 16th

Bumble bee on lavender.

Day 166 - June 15th

Today was a big day for Steven as he successfully passed his driving test. Well done Steven!

Day 165 - June 14th

These vibrant orange lilies are now flowering in my Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 164 - June 13th

Today Lara took part in a Young Engineers Stem Day at school. Two traction engines and an armoured car were loaned to the school for the day and students were given the opportunity to prepare the engine, learn all about it, drive it and clean it down at the end of the day. 

Day 163 - June 12th

This year we have Petunias growing in our raised flower beds. They have been rather slow to start to filling out.