Wednesday, 20 June 2018

2018 Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt

This year I am joining in with the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt which Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards has devised.

The following things are to be found and photographed between 1st June and 30th September:

  1. The Rosiness Of Red
  2. Stripes
  3. A Framed View
  4. Wings
  5. Pedal Power
  6. Glorious Green
  7. An Unexpected Reflection 
  8. A Pile Of
  9. Looks Smaller Than You
  10. A Field of Plenty
  11. Pretty In Pink
  12. Bell(s)
  13. Equal Portions
  14. A Trilogy Of Three
  15. Out Of The Blue 
  16. Something That Could Be From A Favourite Book/Movie/Song
  17. Re-purposed
  18. Currency; Coinage or Paper (the odd, the different, the beautiful)
  19. Picture Postcard Perfect
  20. Mellow Yellow
Alternate A: a shopping bag (not the store's plastic)

Alternate B: a coupon to use

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Day 168 - June 17th

Happy Father's Day Wayne. x 

Day 167 - June 16th

My Mum had mentioned that she'd been told that there were some wild orchids just outside Stotfold near a motorway service area so whilst we were out today we stopped to have a look.

Lo and behold on a steep grassy bank there were hundred of tiny pink Pyramidal Orchids.

They were very short plants and probably wouldn't be noticed by many people but on close inspection they were definitely orchids.

Earlier in the day we had walked our usual walk and hoped to see the orchids we had seen last week. Unfortunately before we got there the farmer had cut the footpath and with it the orchids. 😔

One single solitary orchid remained at the side of the path.

Day 166 - June 15th

Lara has been doing some sewing for the last few days. Today she finished this octopus.

Day 165 - June 14th

Scrapbooking again today.

Day 164 - June 13th

Apples in the garden are growing.

Day 163 - June 12th

This is my favourite rose bush in my Mum & Dad's garden. I love the colours.

Day 162 - June 11th

Today we harvested the beans from an errant beanstalk which has grown in one of the flower tubs! 

Day 161 - June 10th

This evening whilst out walking Millie, Steven sent me this photograph. This cheeky squirrel with a nut in his mouth has scampered up a tree and briefly posed for a photo.

Day 160 - June 9th

Today we went out in search of wild orchids.

In the past, on our regular walk, we have seen Bee Orchids at this time of year. We were really thrilled this year to also spot two Common Spotted Orchids. This is the most common of all UK orchids but we had never seen one before today. 

The flowers were so pretty in shades of lilac

We did also spot the Bee Orchids. Today we saw the more we have ever seen before. It must be a good year for them because in a short stretch of footpath we spotted 40-50 flowers.

Day 159 - June 8th

The Alstroemeria flowers in my Mum & Dads garden are now flowering.

Day 158 - June 7th

We spotted this fat caterpillar in the hedgerow today. It reminded me (as Lauren used to say) that "Poppertillers only crawl"!

Day 157 - June 6th

One of the palms in our back garden is now flowering. It flowered for the first time last year and this year it has produced two huge clusters of flowers.

Day 156 - June 5th

Today I have been finishing off a scrapbook page which I've been putting together.

Day 155 - June 4th

Our second Spirea bush is now in flower. On close inspection the tiny white flowers are beautiful.

Day 154 - June 3rd

Today Wayne and Christopher went to Autokarna, the classic car show at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.

Christopher exhibited his car and was quite chuffed to receive some complimentary comments from visitors to the show.

Day 153 - June 2nd

Today we went to the cinema to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Despite the luke warm reception the film has received, we enjoyed it.

Day 152 - June 1st

Walking down Church Street today we noticed the beautiful pink climbing roses growing up the side of The Old Bakehouse.

Such pretty flowers.

Day 151 - May 31st

My Dad has planted bright yellow and orange Marigolds in the raised flower beds. 

Day 150 - May 30th

The Clematis flowers are looking stunning at the moment.


Day 149 - May 29th

My Mum & Dad have several Lupins growing in their garden which are just starting to flower.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Day 148 - May 28th

We took Millie for a Bank Holiday Monday walk today. Most of the cows were lying down. Do cows really lie down when it#s about to rain?

This cow however was on its feet and curiously watched us walk past.

We noticed a lot of Elderflowers and spotted a couple picking the flowers presumably to make cordial.

Day 147 - May 27th

The Wegelia bush is now in flower.

Day 146 - May 26th

Today we visited the Letchworth Food and Drink Festival. The festival is in the town centre for two days and celebrates the best of local food and drink.

The hot weather had obviously drawn people out as it was very busy.

Day 145 - May 25th

A spot of rain and snails are out.

Day 144 - May 24th

Another trip to Berkhamsted today. It was rather chilly and slightly misty during the journey but we could just about see the chalk lion at Whipsnade Zoo as we drove past.

Day 143 - May 23rd

Lara has been sewing. She made a cute furry dog.

Day 142 - May 22nd

The transformation of the study into a craft room is nearly complete.