Sunday, 16 April 2017

Day 82 - March 23rd

Grape Hyacinths in the garden. Not as many as other years but still a few.

Day 81 - March 22nd

The Aubretia never fails to flower in the garden.

Day 80 - March 21st

Compared to the pale coloured tulips I have in the house this week, some of the tulips in my Mum & Dad's garden are very vivid.

Day 79 - March 20th

This week I bought a bunch of tulips from the supermarket. They were tight pink buds and now they have opened they are the palest, delicate, pink I've ever seen in a tulip.

Day 78 - March 19th

The hyacinths on my garden have finally caught up with those in my Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 77 - March 18th

At this time of the year there is so much colour in the hedgerows. Some of the blossom is in full bloom whilst other flowers are still to open.

Day 76 - March 17th

This blue Periwinkle plant grows against our boundary fence each year. It;s another plant that some people consider a weed, but it's so pretty.

Day 75 - March 16th

Tux - enjoying a dust bath in the sunshine.

Day 74 - March 15th

As the grass is growing, so too are the daisies.

Day 73 - March 14th

'Tet-a-Tet' dwarf daffodils are abundant in my Mum & Dads garden and we have seen a lot of them when we have been out and about too. They seem to be a popular choice for front gardens this year.

Day 72 - March 13th

Tiny Celandine flowers, despite considered a weed, are a cheerful sight at this time of year with their shiny yellow buttercup flowers. 

Day 71 - March 12th

As well as common yellow daffodils in the garden there are also one of two Narcissus with pale white petals and bright yellow cup.

Day 70 - March 11th

More and more blossom can be seen when walking around the village. Such humble flowers but so so pretty,

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Day 69 - March 10th

Stood on the patio is a planter and these crocus have appeared in it. We didn't set them and so I can only assume that they have self set. They are a beautiful purple striped variety and there are no more like this anywhere in the garden.

Day 68 - March 9th

Some sunshine has made the Polyanthus burst into flower and really spread.

Day 67 - March 8th

Christopher has to go on a work training course for a few days so today he was provided with a rather nice Jaguar XF loan car.

Day 66 - March 7th

Hyacinths in Mum & Dad's garden are flowering. The hyacinths in my garden are not so advanced and aren't likely to start flowering for a week or more.

Day 65 - March 6th

Spring is definitely on its way when the blossom starts appearing in the hedgerows.

Day 64 - March 5th

Outside a large property int eh High Road, these miniature tulips have been set. They are the first tulips I've seen growing outside this year.

Day 63 - March 4th

A pit stop for hot chocolate whilst out shopping this afternoon.

Day 62 - March 3rd

Steven is coming home today for a few days so a chocolate cake has been made. This should last a few days!

Day 61 - March 2nd

Today I ate my first Hot Cross Bun of the season. These came from a Bedfordshire Bakery and were delicious.

Day 60 - March 1st (Ash Wednesday)

Regular readers of my blog will know that in our family on Ash Wednesday we traditionally eat 'Bedfordshire Donuts'. The job of making the donuts falls to my Mum and so today a plate of delicious freshly cooked donuts were delivered to us which we enjoyed during the day.

Day 59 - February 28th (Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day)

Today was Shrove Tuesday so this evening pancakes were cooked and eaten with traditional lemon and sugar.

Day 58 - February 27th

At 7am this morning Lara realised she hadn't done some homework, so with the help of Millie she quickly did it before leaving for school.

Day 57 - February 26th

Beneath a shrub in the back garden, the violets are flowering. I love how all the flowers burst into life in spring.

Day 56 - February 25th

The blue/purple crocus in Mum & Dad's garden are tall and thin and look like little spears poking out of the ground,

Day 55 - February 24th

The spring crocus are now flowering. This yellow variety in my Mum & Dad's garden add a real splash of colour.

Day 54 - February 23rd

The sun came out and Tux found the warmest spot in the house.

Day 53 - February 22nd

Today was my Dad's birthday. I made him a cake.

Day 52 - February 21st

We have a section of the garden near the greenhouse where any indoor pots of spring flowering bulbs, that have finished flowering, are planted - daffodils, hyacinths, etc .. These 'Tet-a-Tete' dwarf Narcissus bought a couple of years ago and then transferred to the garden are now flowering.