Saturday, 30 May 2015

Day 150 - May 30th

On our walk this morning I spotted this bright emerald green bug on one of the large daisies growing beside the fields. 

According to Google it is possibly a Spanish Fly, also called a Blister Beetle. 

Day 149 - May 29th

It has rained on and off all day today. We grabbed the chance to take Millie for a short walk between showers.

Everywhere was looking very lush and green after the rain .....

.... and also very wet.

Day 148 - May 28th

For the past year or so Lara's trampoline has been unusable because the pads and net had torn after being outside for 7+ years.

Last week we decided to put things right and today new pads and a net were delivered and the trampoline is now as good as new and ready for lots more bouncing.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 147 - May 27th

Lara has been asking for quite some time if we could go to London and as this week is school half term holiday and Wayne also has the week off work, we decided to have a day trip to the capital. Weather wise we couldn't have chosen a better day - it was so hot and sunny, but in hindsight we wouldn't go to London again on the day of the State Opening of Parliament because certain areas around Westminster and Buckingham Palace were closed to the public.

Our first port of call was The London Eye. We last rode the Eye about 15 years ago and were all looking forward to the experience this time.

We had thought about paying extra and booking Fast Track tickets in advance but in the end decided against this and just turned up and bought tickets when we arrived. We were glad we didn't pay the extra because although it was busy outside there was no queue in the ticket office and having bought our tickets we only queued for about 20 minutes to get on The Eye.

Once on The Eye, the views of London (as expected) were spectacular. Unfortunately due to the glass some of the photos do have some reflections in them but on the whole we were pleased with the photos we took.

This was the official photo. Unfortunately Wayne and Steven decided not to look at the camera!

After our ride on The Eye we set off across Westminster Bridge to walk to Buckingham Palace.

We were intending to take a leisurely walk through St James's Park but because of the crowds of people gathered for the State Opening of Parliament we couldn't get through. Instead we jumped on the tube. Arriving at Buckingham Palace we were disappointed that a large area around Buckingham Palace was still cordoned off despite the Queen having returned from Westminster some time earlier. 

On previous trips to London we've been able to view the palace from the railings outside but today we had to satisfy ourselves with a more distant view.

After a brief stop at Buckingham Palace we set off through Green Park to our final destination - Hamleys! This was at Lara's request as she still had birthday and Christmas money burning a hole in her purse.

I forgot to take a photo of Hamleys so have 'borrowed' this one from the Internet.

On our way to Hamleys I was pleased to stumble across Shaun the Sheep from the Shaun in the City trail. He was created by VisitEngland and is wearing a promotional strip for the Rugby World Cup.

Whilst we didn't see the Queen at Buckingham Palace, we did however bump into her in Hamleys! 

 All in all a good day out.

Day 146 - May 26th

The buttercups are back in one of the fields near us and Millie is in her element. There are also lots of rabbits in this field and she enjoys bounding through the buttercups in search of the rabbits. Thankfully she never catches them but enjoys the game of hide and seek.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 145 - May 25th

Being a Bank Holiday today we seized the opportunity to take Millie for a long walk over the fields this morning. 

Some of the hedges and grass on either side of the footpaths are getting quite high now and due for a cut.

As we walked past the field of sheep, one or two came up to the gate to curiously see what we were doing but the majority kept their distance and just started to baa loudly. We beat a hasty retreat!

Each week we are noticing more flowers in the hedgerows and beside the footpath.

There are a few wild roses ..........

.... and Clover. 

With the help of the Internet we were also able to identify the teeny, tiny flowers of the  Lesser Trefoil....

.... Ribwort Plantain ....

.... White Campion ....

.... and Ground Ivy.

We also spotted a few critters like this one that posed for me on some blossom.

Day 144 - May 24th

The horse chestnut trees are now in full bloom. The candle-like spikes are so pretty close up.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Day 143 - May 23rd

It was very overcast when we went for our walk this morning with the threat of rain. 

Thankfully it didn't rain but we didn't hang about so there wasn't much time for taking photos. I did however spot this tiny snail on a thistle and managed to quickly snap him.

Day 142 - May 22nd

This afternoon my dad was potting up strawberry plants into a stacking planter. I'm sure with his green fingers he'll have better luck with them than I've had in the past. Unfortunately, the birds have generally got to the strawberries before I have.

Day 141 - May 21st

My Dad has this hardy Orchid growing in a pot in his yard. He did tell me the name of it, but I'm afraid I've forgotten what he told me.  

Day 140 - May 20th

This pretty little poppy has decided to grow right on the edge of the drive. It will have to be careful or the next time the grass is cut it might get the chop!

Day 139 - May 19th

I read that a new disease is causing devastation to Aquilegia plants but thankfully the plants in our garden are looking healthy and flowering as profusely as ever.

Day 138 - May 18th

There are a few Pinks (Dianthus) starting to flower in the garden.

Day 137 - May 17th

After my spot of gardening the other day, today Wayne carried on clearing the borders. It is now looking very empty  - but very tidy too.