Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 177 - June 26th

This beautiful poppy in Mum & Dad's garden has come into bloom these past few days. It looks almost like a peony

Day 176 - June 25th

In the past there have been many alstroemeria plants growing in Mum & Dad's garden but now there are very few. I noticed this bright yellow/orange clump today.

I also have a vase with some alstroemeria flowers in the house.

Day 175 - June 24th

The Mock Orange (English Dogwood) tree which I first noticed in Mum & Dad's garden last year is now in flower. It smells gorgeous.

Day 174 - June 23rd

This evening whilst out for a walk we spotted the orchid we saw last week. I was surprised how little the flower had opened in the past week.

Day 173 - June 22nd

I've been without my smart phone for 2 weeks. A couple of weeks ago it just stopped working. Since then I've been using an old phone borrowed from Lara, and although I'm pleased I've had something to make calls and text on, I've missed all the apps, and camera on my phone. Thankfully today the insurance company provided me with a new phone. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 172 - June 21st (Father's Day)

***** ALERT - Very heavy photo post.*****

Being Father's Day today, we treated Wayne to a trip to the Father's Day Sports Car and Classics Show at nearby Knebworth House. The rain stayed away and it was a lovely day with hundreds of cars to see.... and photograph!

Our entry ticket to the Car Show also included entry to the park, gardens and dinosaur trail so after looking at the cars and auto jumble stands we headed off to the gardens.

Lara and I managed to find our way to the middle of the maze where we found a statue of a monkey. Thankfully we also found our way out!

After the gardens, we took a walk along the dinosaur trail. Our children were definitely too old to be excited by this but there were plenty of small children running around thrilled to discover the 72 dinosaurs hiding round each corner.

Our ticket didn't allow us to enter the house and in any event there was no time for a visit today, but we did have a look at the outside. The exterior of the building with its Gothic turrets, towers and gargoyles is quite impressive. It appears to have had many additions over the years.

I thought many of the gargoyles and statues were quite cartoon-ish and wouldn't look out of place as characters in a Disney film.