Friday, 29 November 2013

Day 332 - November 28th

Time for a spot of frugal Christmas crafting today using some bits and pieces saved from a decorated chocolate box last year.

Day 331 - November 27th

These pansies in hanging baskets at Mum & Dad's house are a nice cheerful sight in the garden where most of the other plants are dormant.

Day 330 - November 26th

Despite the weather getting colder, the days although chilly have generally been very bright and sunny with lovely blue skies.

Day 329 - November 25th

There are still quite a few dandelion clocks on the lawn. A reminder of the many dandelions we had growing among the grass this year!

Day 328 - November 24th

Its getting very cold in the evenings now so at the weekends we turn down the central heating and light the open fire instead.

Day 327 - November 23rd

This morning we took Millie for our usual Saturday morning walk over the fields. We took our normal route. It was a bit muddy in places although not as muddy as it is sometimes at this time of year.

Day 326 - November 22nd

I found time today to do some scrapbooking. A bright cheerful scrapbook page for the Scrapology blog I create for.

Day 325 - November 21st

Today Lara passed her 200m swimming badge.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 324 - November 20th

I went into town today to do some shopping and whilst i was there I got caught in a hail storm. One minute it was raining and then the next hail was coming down. The hail didn't last long but when it stopped there were for a brief moment a few snow flakes in the air. When I got home there was still a few patches of hailstones on the grass.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day 323 - November 19th

Today the weather is bright and sunny - cold but still sunny. 

I took a photo of the tower of our parish church. Earlier in the year someone replaced the flag on the flag pole with a new, bigger flag but the flag was too big and on a particularly windy day it got caught on the nearby weathervane and ripped. Ever since, the weathervane has been wrapped in the torn flag.

Day 322 - November 18th

I walk down this footpath most days with the dog. The last time I posted a photo of the path on my blog someone said that they could imagine Hobbits walking down it!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Day 321 - November 17th

The Station. Christopher returned to Nottingham this evening after an all too brief visit home.

Day 320 - November 16th

 Yesterday we had some firewood delivered. We've been very lucky the last few years with several people giving us wood from trees they've cut down, etc. This year we weren't so lucky and had to buy some wood.

This afternoon this pile of logs ............

...... was transferred into this neatly stacked pile. I know there aren't as many logs as someone else has (nudge, nudge, wink, wink D&J!) but hopefully it will last us over the winter.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 319 - November 15th

Today is 'Children in Need' Day so I have made some Pudsey Bear fairy cakes.

Day 318 - November 14th

Today Lara made Tabbouleh in her cookery lesson as school. I remember taking a similar photo of the same dish that Steven made at school in 2009 when I last took part in 'A Photo a Day'

Day 317 - November 13th

We woke this morning to the first real heavy frost of the season. The car windscreen was covered.

Day 316 - November 12th

At Guides tonight Lara did some junk modelling as part of their Recycle, Reuse and Reduce project.

Day 315 - November 11th

We were given this bush many years ago by the District Council. They had  an initiative to make front gardens more pretty and residents could request a free tree for their garden. After planting the bush we thought it had died because it didn't do much, but in the last few years it has sprung to life and now has lovely red berries on it. Unfortunately because we thought it was dead it has been neglected for a few years and isn't the best shape or in the best place so it may have to be removed at some point in the future.

Day 314 - November 10th

Today is Remembrance Sunday. Lara and I went to the village Service of Remembrance. Lara was in the colour party for the Guides.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day 313 - November 9th

Tonight we went to the firework display at our village school. Unfortunately my photo doesn't do the display justice. The display was, as usual, excellent.

Day 312 - November 8th

Tonight I made a card for a Design Team assignment. 

Day 311 - November 6th

I went outside into the garden this afternoon and when I turned round found someone watching me from the open door. I think she was curious as to why I would venture outside on such a cold miserable day and suspicious that I might make her got outside too.

Day 310 - November 6th

Despite the cold weather Tux has a new favourite spot for watching the world go by - outside on the edge of the trampoline. 

Day 309 - November 5th

Lara made a sock puppet at Guides tonight. She called it Bob!

Day 308 - November 4th

Never go shopping when you're hungry because a tub of Shortbread bites may just end up in your trolley.

Day 307 - November 3rd

Shortly before cutting the grass today, Wayne spotted this little chap. He was rescued and moved to a safe spot out of the way of the lawn mower.

Day 306 - November 2nd

Today we said good bye to our holiday house and returned home.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Day 305 - November 1st

Today is our last full day in Norfolk so we made a return trip to Sea Palling for a last walk along the beach. Sea Palling is fast becoming a close contender for taking the crown from Winterton-on-Sea as out favourite beach.

Sea Palling has a fabulous blue flag sandy beach. A number of reefs have been built as part if the coastal defences and it calms the waves making it a lovely place for an autumn walk.

In the afternoon we decided to take a drive up the coast to Cromer. I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed with Cromer but maybe if the weather had been better and we had been able to explore more we would have found some hidden treasures. 

Day 304 - October 31st

Today we went to the Sea Life Centre at Great Yarmouth and whilst I took quite a few photos none of them were really that good. So instead I am posting a photo of the pumpkin Lara carved for tonight, Halloween.

Day 303 - October 30th

It was decided that we would play Crazy Golf today so we headed to Great Yarmouth seafront to the Castaway Island Crazy Golf Course.

I managed to score two holes in one but the overall winner was Wayne.

Later in the day we went for a walk on the beach at Sea Palling.It was the first time we had been to this beach and by coincidence on the day we were there a Humpback Whale had been spotted off the coast - the first sighting on written record. There were lots of people on the cliffs with huge binoculars hoping to get a glimpse of the whale. We didn't see it but maybe it saw us!