Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 271 - September 28th

This afternoon Wayne and I left the children at home and went for a walk around Wrest Park. Wrest Park is an English Heritage property that we have visited many, many times and I have posted numerous times about it on my blog. Once upon a time we were visiting Wrest Park several times each month during the summer, but it is over 12 months since we last visited.

We entered at the side of the house through the West Flower Garden and were met with a riot of colour. It was beautiful and quite different to how the garden has looked on previous visits.

The formal garden at the front of the property was planted with what I think were white and pink Cosmos flowers. I was a bit unsure about the choice of the tall white flowers but the effect of the pale colours against the building was really lovely.  

We walked through the grounds past various statues. The statues remind me of the stone angels from Dr Who. Blink and they'll kill you! LOL

At the end of the long canal is the domed pavilion (originally called the Banqueting House). We didn't go inside this time as we've been inside quite a few times before.

Close by was the Bowllng Green House. 

My favourite building is the the Bath House. In summer it is surrounded by flowering Rhododendron. 

 Before leaving we walked down The Strangers Gate Walk past beautiful roses......

...... and other stunning plants.

Day 270 - September 27th

Apart from berries in the hedgerows the landscape this morning during our Saturday morniing walk was looking very colourless.

Day 269 - September 26th

They say that 'Cats Sleep Anywhere' and Tux proves this. To protect furniture from mucky paws we have startred covering the pouf with a throw. Today whilst Tux was outside I folded the throw up and laid the folded fabric on top of the pouf. Where did Tux lay when he came in? On top of the 12" square of folded material. Hardly much room but he was obviously comfaortable as he spent several hours curled up there.

Day 268 - September 25th

40 years later, this old Etch-a-Sketch is still providing entertainment and houses are still a popular thing to draw.

Day 267 - September 24th

The marigolds in the garden, after a slow start, are still looking lovely.

Day 266 - September 23rd

At Guides tonight Lara had to imagine she was launching a new brand of sweets and make a mascot out of sweeties in the style of Bertie Bassett.

Day 265 - September 22nd

Yesterday we visited the local nursery to buy some winter bedding plants for the tubs at the front of the house. Pansies, Heathers, Cyclamen and Ivies were bought and now we've just got to find time to plant them.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 264 - September 21st

We took advantage of a brighter day today and headed off for a walk. We have started to map our walks with the 'Map My Walk' app. Today's walk was just over 3 miles. Not far, but far enough for Millie to have a good run and let off some steam.

We spotted quite a few apples growing on trees in the hedgerows.

Lots more blackberries but disappointingly although they look so lush and juicy that are still almost tasteless. We won't be picking any!

Lots of Old Man's Beard appearing too.

Day 263 - September 20th

We took Christopher back to University today ready for the start of the new year - his third. He chose to go back into University accommodation this year. He will be at the same student village he was at in his first year but in a different block. It was very busy when we arrived with lots of students moving in.

Day 262 - September 19th

Lara wore jeans to school today for Jeans for Genes day. The school raised £1000 for the Great Ormond Street Hospital to help children with genetic disorders.

Day 261 - September 18th

I found some time today to finish off a scrapbook layout I've been putting together.

Day 260 - September 17th

The first of the trees in the garden, a small apple tree, is starting to lose it's autumn leaves.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 259 - September 16th

I took this photo of a thermometer hanging on the side of one of my dad's sheds this afternoon. 33°C! That can't be right! Can it? But it has been very warm this afternoon and the thermometer was in the direct sunlight so perhaps it is correct. 

I did read on the Internet that a Tahiti-style UK heatwave is predicted for next weekend. Forecasters are predicting that the UK will bask in glorious sunshine with highs of 27°C across the country. This will make Britain hotter than Tahiti! Perfect if you're on holiday at the moment in the UK!

Day 258 - September 15th

Tux is enjoying being outside in the early autumn sunshine.

Day 257 - September 14th

Today Lara and some of her school friends went to a family fun day organised by the company one of her friend's parents works for. The event was held at Rye House Kart Circuit at Hoddesdon.  The circuit is one of the oldest in the country and is where Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton began their racing careers.

Lara got to have a couple of races in the karts and her friend's Mum took some photos which I've borrowed for my blog.

As well as karting they also tried laser combat and played crazy golf. All in all a great day out.

Day 256 - September 13th

A lovely sunny and surprisingly warm day today, so we made the most of it and took Millie for a walk over the fields.

Over the summer Millie's been on a bit of a weight loss programme and is now looking a much slender dog.

Day 255 - September 12th

Today I had a tour of my Dad's Orchid House to see what was in flower. There were lots of different species and colours. Some were very high up so had to be photographed at arms length!

Day 254 - September 11th

The Rowan Tree is covered in bright orange/red berries.

Day 253 - September 10th

Our hanging baskets this year were made up in a hurry from a selection of plants chosen at random from a nearby nursery We didn't give a lot of thought to what plants we bought but  the baskets have been lovely and we will certainly do the same thing next year rather than buy packs of plants selected by the nurserymen. 

One particular plant - Calibrachoa Can-Can Double Purple (a variety of million bells) has flowered continuously all summer and still looks beautiful.

Day 252 - September 9th

I woke up this morning, opened the curtains to see a very foggy garden and a teeny, tiny moth on the inside of the glass.

Day 251 - September 8th

Generally the tomato plants haven't done very well this year but one particular plant has produced some whoppers!