Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 362 - December 28th

Whilst walking Millie this morning Wayne & I noticed the snowdrops by the Church were already blooming. They are probably about a month earlier than we have seen them in previous years. 

Day 361 - December 27th

Two jigsaws have been worked on this Christmas.

A 1000 piece puzzle of a tiger that Lara was given for her birthday, which so far only the edge pieces have been pieced together, and this smaller 150 piece Wasgij which Lara received in her stocking and she quickly completed today.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

I've decided to have another go at Eileen and Joy's Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. I tried last year and failed miserably but this year I am going to make a real effort to find all the photos before the 21 March deadline.

The list of items to photograph are:

  1. A robin redbreast
  2. Tinsel
  3. Outside lighting
  4. A star
  5. A snowman
  6. A puddle
  7. Berries and/or nuts
  8. A wreath
  9. A tree that has lost all its leaves
  10. A windy day
  11. My favourite pudding
  12. A fancy button
  13. Street art
  14. Afternoon tea
  15. Candle light
  16. A chimney
  17. A ladder
  18. An arrow
  19. A fountain
  20. Cutlery
  21. My own handwriting (this one is compulsory and cannot be substituted)
If I find any of the above hard I may substitute one or more from the subjects below

Alt A. A supermarket trolley or basket, filled with shopping
Alt B. An animal statue
Alt C. Metal railings

Day 360 - December 26th (Boxing Day)

This evening we all went to the cinema to see Star Wars - the Force Awakens.

Day 359 - December 25th (Christmas Day)

We spent Christmas Day at home. My Mum & dad joined us at lunch time for the rest of the day.

I didn't take many photos but we managed to take a few photos at the dinner table.

We even attempted a full group shot using the selfie stick.

I took a few photos after we had eaten of presents being opened and enjoyed.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Day 358 - December 24th (Christmas Eve)

Christmas Eve, and Lara made mince pies.

Making mince pies on Christmas Eve has become a tradition (as has taking photos) as these photos from previous years show.







Day 357 - December 23rd

Today the kids decorated our gingerbread house.

Not a traditional gingerbread house but a 2015 limited edition Lego gingerbread house.

It was very twee.

Day 356 - December 22nd

Today I took Millie to the vets. She was a lucky dog and received a Christmas present from one of the veterinary nurses.

Day 355 - December 21st

Today was a big day for Lara. A few weeks ago she asked if she could have her ears pierced so today we went to town to get them done.

This photo was taken shortly after her ears had been pierced. The look on her face is one of nervous laughter! She was very excited as we drove to town but once we got to the shop and they explained the procedure the excitement tuned to nerves... then real fear. But, she was brave had her ears pierced and afterwards (because she looked a bit pale) the assistant gave her a lolly. 

Day 354 - December 20th

Today with my brother and sister-in-law visiting, we gathered at my Mum & Dad's house for an early Christmas get together.

A lovely Christmas meal was shared with diners all being provided with festive hats.

Some wooden puzzles received as table presents proved a challenge with the instructions even having to be consulted.

After eating we exchanged more presents.

Games were played including Chocolate Russian Roulette. Unfortunately yours truly was the lucky unlucky recipient of the only hot chilli flavoured chocolate in the box! 

Thanks Mum and Dad for a lovely day,

Day 353 - December 19th

The weather at the moment is unseasonably warm. It doesn't feel at all like Christmas when we've got temperatures of 16C+ and bright blue skies. 

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Day 352 - December 18th

Present wrapping has begun!

Day 351 - December 17th

Today Lara was given this little reindeer by a school friend. I'm not sure if she made him herself but he's pretty damn cute.

Day 350 - December 16th

Today my little girl became a teenager. Presents and cards were opened before school.