Monday, 3 May 2010

52 Walks in 2010 - Walk 15 - A walk at Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk (2nd May 2010)

Today we took a very blustery walk along the Norfolk Coastal Path. We started at the Harbour Office which is next to the Quay with the intention of walking to the beach but after getting about half way we decided it really was far too cold and turned back.

On our short walk we passed lots of boats moored up waiting for the tide to come in so they could go out.

Back at the Quay the fishing boats were all moored up after bringing in their catch waiting no doubt for the next high tide.

The empty crab/lobster pots were all stacked along the wall waiting to be taken out to sea again.

The large granary building with its distinctive overhanging gantry which you can see in this photo is my favourite building in Wells. Built in 1903, the granary has now been turned into luxury flats with magnificent views of the quay. I would love to go up inside that gantry to see the view.

52 Walks in 2010 - Walk 14 - A walk around Pensthorpe Nature Reserve, Norfolk (1st May 2010)

We have just spent the Bank Holiday weekend in Norfolk. During our very chilly but very relaxing stay, we visited Pensthorpe Nature Reserve and Gardens the home of BBC Springwatch which will start broadcasting from here again at the end of May. We last visited Pensthorpe last October and you can see my photos of that visit here.

One of these cottages, known as Five Cottages is transformed into the main studio from where Chris Packham, Kate Humble and Martin Hugh-Games present a large part of the shows.

The River Wensum flows through the reserve and is home to lots of wildlife.

There were lots of ducks ...

.... of varying species.

I thought this blue billed duck very strange.

There were geese too.

There were lots of baby bird too - probably not surprising as it's spring. These ducklings were huddled together in the middle of the path! So very cute.

These slightly bigger ducklings were cuddled together in amongst some plants.

Whilst were were having a bite to eat these goslings and there parents were scavenging for what scraps they could find.

At Pensthorpe they have a couple of large walk through aviaries. These European Stilts were in one of the aviaries and were very obliging and posed for some photos.

A sleepy avocet.

A Lapwing.

At Pensthorpe there are also some more exotic birds. These Bald Ibis are peculiar looking birds and this one was very friendly. If you offered it a stick it would take it from your hand and try to preen your fingers.

The Pensthorpe Conservation Centre within the reserve provides a special home for a number of important collections of birds including flamingos....

.... and Cranes

As usual I had to take some photos of the flowers too. Just couldn't resist.