Saturday, 31 August 2013

Day 242 - August 30th

Today Lara did some tie dye. We found instructions for the 'popcorn technique' online and dyed a white t-shirt blue. Lara was really pleased with the result. You can see step-by-step photos of this project on my other blog at

Day 241 - August 29th

We went into town today for dentist appointments. As I needed to but a greeting card I also popped into a new card shop which has opened recently. I couldn't believe that they were selling Christmas cards already! Christmas cards in August?

Day 240 - August 28th

Today Lara and I made some glass pendant necklaces  from an idea I saw on Pinterest.

Day 239 - August 27th

Yesterday we harvested our home grown potatoes. We've been growing them in some vegetable growing bags. From one bag of King Edward seed potatoes we harvested about 1.5kg of very small potatoes. They must be the most expensive potatoes ever and we won't be growing them again. 

Today I scrubbed the potatoes ready for cooking in the week.

Day 238 - August 26th

Today we took Millie for a long walk over the fields. Most of the fields of wheat have been harvested now but a few remain.

There were lots of signs that summer is coming to an end and autumn fast approaching with berries in all the hedgerows.

We also spotted some slows and some crab apples on our walk.

Day 237 - August 25th

Pretty white Dalia in the garden.

Day 236 - August 24th

Back to School shoe shopping today. Don't you just love it ? No! Usually we have to wait ages in the Clarks shoe shop to be served at this time of year but today we walked straight in, had the kids feet measured (Size 3.5E for Lara and 7.5F for Steven), chose some shoes, had them fitted and were out of the shop in record time. 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 235 - August 23rd

Today Lara tried some origami and made 'Winking Eyes'. 

Day 234 - August 22nd

Lara's craft project today was extremely fiddly but with a bit of thought we managed to figure out how to complete it. 

I found instructions on Pinterest for making a zip-up purse from just a zip and a piece of ribbon. The zip zips up on itself to make the purse! The purse should have been a tetrahedron shape when it was finished but we just couldn't quite figure out the instructions so it ended up as a rectangle. Its still cute though and Lara's pleased with it.

Day 233 - August 21st

Lara's summer of craft continues. Today she made bracelets from acrylic tube and beads.

Day 232 - August 20th

More crafting today. Lara made these 'Wobble Head' robots from a kit we bought a few weeks ago from The Works.

Day 231 - August 19th

This afternoon Lara's been crafting. She created this bunting for her room.

Day 230 - August 18th

Looked out of the window this evening and saw this beautiful orange sunset.

Day 229 - August 17th

My brother and sister-in-law are visiting this week and my brother bought us a gift of a huge bag of M&Ms from the US. 

Day 228 - August 16th

We travelled home today and got off the ferry to a rainy Southampton.

Day 227 - August 15th

The last full day of our holiday and we decided to walk one last time to the waterfront at Cowes.

Lara enjoyed skimming stones.

We also took a walk around the Cowes Yacht Haven where lots of boats were gathered for the Old Gaffers Association Jubilee Festival. The Old Gaffers Association (OGA) is the association of Gaff Rig Sailing and is celebrating 50 years in existence this year.

Day 226 - August 14th

We couldn't decide where to go today so decided to have a bit of a road trip and drive to a few places on the island that we had passed previously and which had aroused our curiosity.

The first two places didn't really provide any photo opportunities. We went to Yarmouth Castle, a small English Heritage property with views over the Solent. Then we drove about a mile up the cost to Fort Victoria Country Park

Finally we drive to The Garlic Farm. We had joked about the Garlic Farm throughout our holiday and thought it sounded a rather boring place to visit but Wayne persuaded us to go and see what all the hype was about. We were really pleasantly surprised by the place and also surprised at how many other people were visiting. 

We were able to walk through the fields and see the late garlic growing among the wild flowers. 

We saw the pigs just as they were being fed.

Haven Falconry were at the farm on the day we visited and Lara was able to hold a Barn Owl.

We were also able to taste all manner of delicious garlic chutneys, sauces, mayonnaise's, etc and then buy some in the farm shop including some Garlic Beer, Garlic and Herb Popcorn and Garlic and Chilli Mayonnaise.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Day 225 - August 13th

Today we went to the Owl and Monkey Haven. This was a exceptionally well cared for animal sanctuary and the animals all looked really fit and well cared for. 

We watched the common marmosets having their lunch.

The Javan Langurs were really cute, Their faces were so expressive.

This ginger Javan Langur was called 'Wheat'. He was particularly sweet.

There were lots of owls too but they were quite difficult to photograph because most of them were hiding away at the back of their cages trying to sleep.

Before returning home we drove to Bembridge. We sat on the pebble beach for a short while whilst Lara built a Pebble Tower.