Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Day 42 - February 11th

Overnight we had more snow. There was just a dusting but Millie enjoyed snuffling about in it.

Day 41 - February 10th

Today it snowed. It didn't snow much but Lara couldn't wait to go outside in it.

Day 40 - February 9th

Today Wayne and I made a rare trip to London. We were invited by the owner of our software company to spend the afternoon with him and a dozen of his other customers at Berry Bros and Rudd, the UKs oldest wine merchant.

Berry Bros and Rudd are located in St James Street, London and have traded from the same shop since 1698. They have two Royal Warrants for HM The Queen and The Prince of Wales. You can read all about their history here.  

The above photo is from their website as unfortunately when we arrived there were cars parked in front which prevented me getting a good photo.

As well as the shop, the company have cellars where wine tastings and a wine school are held. Down a narrow alley beside the shop is Pickering Place (the smallest public square in London) and in one corner behind a black door is 'The Townhouse' where we spent the afternoon.

A relaxed champagne reception was held when we arrived which was followed by an hour long wine tasting session hosted by the resident Wine Master. The theme of the tasting was 'France v New World'. We tasted wines made from the same grape varieties but some were grown and produced in France and some grown and produced in the new World to show how the climate, soils and method of production can produce completely different wines.

Six wines later, we were escorted upstairs for lunch. We ate in the Long Room.

The food was fabulous. 

We really enjoyed our day out and were very lucky to have been treated in such a generous way.

Day 39 - February 8th

The daffodils in the garden are close to flowering.

Day 38 - February 7th

The tiny Hellebore plant in my Mum and Dad's garden is flowering now.

Day 37 - February 6th

A hot chocolate to pass the time and keep warm whilst Lara was at her gym lesson tonight.

Day 36 - February 5th

Last month I spotted a few snowdrops peeping through the earth near the parish church. Now there are huge clumps in full bloom.

Day 35 - February 4th

In the news recently there have been reports of a shortage of vegetables due to bad weather in Europe. 

I was surprised when my grocery delivery was delivered yesterday to find the lettuce I had ordered was included. I was expecting it to be unavailable. I was even more surprised when in a supermarket today, to find lettuce reduced for quick sale!

Day 34 - February 3rd

Today Lara and I made cakes.

Day 33 - February 2nd

Steven had his lectures tomorrow cancelled, so we gave him the opportunity to come home tonight for a long weekend. The journey on the M25 was rather wet but given the time of year it could have been worse.

Day 32 - February 1st

Daffodils have been in the supermarket for sometime and are a sure sign that spring is coming.

Day 31 - January 31st

More Primroses are flowering in the garden.

Day 30 - January 30th

High on Lara's Christmas list last year was 'A Cactus'. She wanted a big, prickly cactus. Unfortunately cacti were not readily available in shops and garden centres before Christmas, but after some searching we managed to get four small cactus plants. Last weekend we added another plant to the collection which had small pink flowers.

Day 29 - January 29th

Today we took part in the RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch. This was the fourth year we have taken part. Unfortunately our bird count this year was very poor - Just 3 species and total of 4 bird seen in the hour.

Day 28 - January 28th

This morning we took a muddy walk over the fields. 

Day 27 - January 27th

Tux doesn't like this time of year. He wants to go outside, but its too cold. If he stays inside in the warm, he gets stir crazy. Today's game was to sit on the stairs and attack anyone who passed by.

Day 26 - January 26th

The flowers Wayne bought me yesterday, despite being so cheap, look lovely today.

Day 25 - January 25th

Who says romance is dead? Wayne often buys me flowers - when he sees them hugely reduced in the supermarket! Tonight he bought me two bouquets reduced from £5.00 each to just 9 pence each! Too dark to photograph them tonight so I'll photograph them tomorrow.

Day 24 - January 24th

Primroses in the garden are starting to flower.

Day 23 - January 23rd

The pansies which we set in tubs in the autumn have weathered the winter well,

Day 22 - January 22nd

Today we celebrated Christmas for the second time when my brother and sister-in-law and my niece and her family came to visit. My Mum cooked a lovely roast dinner for us all complete with crackers. Despite his age, Theo knew exactly what to do with the crackers and enjoyed sharing them with his Grandma. Afterwards we exchanged late Christmas gifts and enjoyed an afternoon and evening in each others company,