Sunday, 27 April 2014

Day 117 - April 27th

Millie is not 100% well at the moment but hopefully this week we will get a difinative answer as to what's wrong with her. However despite her problems she still enjoyed a walk over the fields this morning albeit the shorter route.

Day 116 - April 26th

 Today was a big day for Christopher. He bought his first car! Not the first car he has owned, but the first car he chose and bought himself.

He had found the car a couple of weeks ago but it needed some work doing to it so wasn't available until today. But as of today he is the proud owner of Peugeot 206.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 115 - April 25th

 Lots of blossom appearing on the apple trees.

Day 114 - April 24th

Today I caught Tux sunbathing and having a dust bath in the greenhouse!

Day 113 - April 23rd

I went for a stroll round the garden today to see what I could find.

After a slow start, the wall flowers are now looking lovely.

The bluebells are taking over everywhere!

The snowball tree has lots of green flower heads which over the coming months will change into their familiar white colour.

The Choisya is starting to flower....

..... and I spied yet another unusual tulip (deep purple colour) in a pot outside my Mum & Dad's house.

Day 112 - April 22nd

This afternoon Lara joined Auntie Juliet for a jewellery making session. She made several pairs of earrings and was thrilled that Auntie Juliet said she did a good job.

Day 111 - April 21st

Thank fully the rain stopped today so we were able to have our Egg hunt.

Everyone joined in - even the dog.

Day 110 - April 20th (Easter Sunday)

Today I should have been posting photos of our annual Easter Egg hunt but unfortunately rain stopped play! It rained on and off all day today so we had to console ourselves with eating gifts of chocolate eggs....

... and a roast dinner followed by Summer Pudding Loaf (Mary Berry's recipe).

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day 109 - April 19th

Today Lara decorated our Easter Tree..

Day 108 - April 18th

Today Lara washed my car ........ with Millie's help!

Day 107 - April 17th

Whilst out walking this week and also whilst driving around we've noticed a huge number of large clumps of cowslips. More than we've seen in previous years. It's obviously been a good year for them.

Day 106 - April 16th

Today we celebrated our second family birthday in as many weeks. Today was Christopher's 20th birthday. He spent the day fishing with Wayne before returning home for celebration cake.

Day 105 - April 15th

Today we went for an evening walk. The sun was just starting to set and really illuminated the yellow rape seed flowers.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Day 104 - April 14th

Wayne has this week off work so Millie is going to get lots of extra walks! After breakfast this morning we took her out.

We walked down the footpath beside the church......

..... and paused on the bridge for a couple of quick games of pooh sticks.

Then we walked across the fields

I got to photograph my first butterfly of the season!

In some fields there were carpets of purple dead nettles. In the sunlight they looked so pretty.

Millie wasn't interested in the dead nettles but is made for Goosegrass (Cleavers, Stickyweed). She seeks it out in the hedgerows whenever we take her out and can't eat enough of it. I did a bit of research and found that this is not unusual and that it is perfectly harmless to dogs (and humans) and can be beneficial.