Sunday, 31 December 2017

Day 365 - December 31st

This evening we welcomed in the New Year quietly at home. At midnight we switched to BBC to watch the fireworks in London.

Happy New Year!

Day 364 - December 30th

We had a very blustery walk over the fields this morning....... and ..... it was quite muddy too!!!

Day 363 - December 29th

Tux had a pop-up cat tent for Christmas. He is slowly getting used to going in it.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Day 362 - December 28th

After yesterday's snow, this mornings weather was far more welcome and I snapped this sunrise behind the village green when I took Millie for her walk this morning

Day 361 - December 27th

Yesterday snow was forecast for today but we were still rather surprised when we awake this morning to a heavy snowfall which began to settle. Luckily we got away quite lightly with the snow disappearing by lunchtime whilst other parts of the country had considerably more.

Day 360 - December 26th (Boxing Day)

This afternoon we went to the cinema to watch the long awaited 'Star Wars - The Last Jedi' film. It was good!

Lara made sure we weren't late arriving at the cinema by displaying the film time on her new light box for us all to see.

Day 359 - December 25th (Christmas Day)

We awoke this morning to find that Santa had left a huge pile of presents under the Christmas tree.

No time to open the presents in the morning, as Christmas dinner for nine needed to be prepared. 

After dinner, we opened the pile of presents which had grown somewhat during the morning.

The rest of the day was spent eating, drinking, chatting, playing games and enjoying time in each others company.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Day 358 - December 24th (Christmas Eve)

This afternoon Lara continued the tradition started many years ago of making the mince pies for Christmas Day, with the obligatory Christmas hat and Christmas music playing in the background.

Day 357 - December 23rd

This evening we joined my mum & dad and my brother and sister-in-law for an early Christmas meal out.

Day 356 - December 22nd

Our online grocery order was delivered this afternoon and Tux was up to his usual trick of hiding in the bags despite them being far too small for him.

Day 355 - December 21st

Today in the post I received a gift of some beautiful Narcissi from the Scilly Isles. They smell lovely.

Day 354 - December 20th

Our Lego Gingerbread House has been made.

Day 353 - December 19th

For Lara's birthday she received a book of instructions for making dogs from pipe cleaners. She has made quite a few.

Day 352 - December 18th

Just Tux.

Day 351 - December 17th

Mmmmm ....... A Christmas Kispy Kreme Doughnut and hot drink on a Sunday morning.

Day 350 - December 16th

Today was Lara's birthday.

The day started with the opening of cards and presents from family and friends.

After lunch we had a couple of family games of ten pin bowling.

After a bite to eat we returned home for cake.