Saturday, 2 December 2017

Day 336 - December 2nd

Millie enjoying her Saturday walk.

Day 335 - December 1st

Today is 1st December and the first day of advent.

I think I went a bit over the top with advent calendars this year!

We each have a chocolate advent calendar.

The animals have their own calendars ......

..... we have a 'make up' calendar ....

..... and a 'beer' calendar.... 

..... and finally an advent candle.

Day 334 - November 30th

Oh to be a dog on a cold late autumn morning and to be able to snooze the time away!

Day 333 - November 29th

As well as the bright pink cactus in my kitchen now flowering, I also have a smaller red cactus which is in bloom too. The flower in this photo looks salmon coloured but is in fact a lovely shade of red.

Day 332 - November 28th

The cactus I posted about a few weeks ago is now flowering. the bright pink flowers are stunning,

Day 331 - November 27th

Late this evening we received the lovely news that our great nephew Charlie had arrived safely. Looking forward to meeting him soon.

Day 330 - November 26th

Millie had a treat today - a visit from Dial-a-Dog Wash. They arrived in their custom fitted van and gave her a pampering.

I'm not sure how much she enjoyed the experience but she certainly felt and looked lovely afterwards.

Day 329 - November 25th

We went to Letchworth this afternoon for their Christmas Light Switch On. There was a Christmas market in the town centre and music and other entertainment.

Before the lights were officially switched on a Christmas parade took place led by the Spark! LED Drummers. They were excellent. A video of them in action can be seen here

There were other characters in the parade.....

..... and of course Santa.

It was a lovely end to the afternoon which had started with a trip to the cinema to see Paddington 2. We really enjoyed the film and would definitely recommend it.

Day 328 - November 24th

A leafy walk.

Day 327 - November 23rd

Marks and Spencer have given Percy Pig a festive makeover with the bags of Percy Pigs wearing Santa hats.

Day 326 - November 22nd

There are very few berries in the hedgerows at the moment apart from the plump red Rose hips.

Day 325 - November 21st

Last year (or maybe even the year before) Lara was given a jigsaw of a tiger for her birthday. She never did complete it but a couple of days ago she decided to make a start on it. With a 1,000 pieces I think it's going to take her a little while to finish.

Day 324 - November 20th

Next to the warm radiator is a favourite spot for Tux.

Day 323 - November 19th

Mince pies have been in the supermarkets for quite some time now - resistance is futile!

Day 322 - November 18th

This morning we took Millie for her usual Saturday morning walk over the fields. Since our last walk, the farmer has ploughed the field. Luckily he has kindly reinstated the footpath and marked it clearly with his tractor tyres. This was good because the clods of ploughed earth were huge!

Day 321 - November 17th

Lurking in the fruit basket were a couple of rather soft bananas so I decided to transform them into a banana loaf. It was delicious.

Day 320 - November 16th

Nearly December and some of the summer plants are still flowering.

Day 319 - November 15th

It is looking very autumnal at the bottom of our road.

Day 318 - November 14th

The leaves on the Smoke Bush are always changing colour. At this time of the year they take on a deep maroon/orange hue.

Day 317 - November 13th

There was a cold and frosty start to the morning today. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

Day 316 - November 12th

Lara and I wore our poppies today at the village's annual Remembrance Day Service and Act of Remembrance.

Day 315 - November 11th

Today Wayne and Christopher went to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham.

Wayne shared with me some photos he took.

I was rather surprised to see that a car I once owned, a Rover 400, is now classed as a classic car.

Day 314 - November 10th

Last year my cactus plant produced lots of buds which them fell off! I'm not sure whether it was due to temperate or over/under watering but hopefully this year the same thing won't happen and it will instead produce lots of flowers.

Day 313 - November 9th

It was so cold this evening that we decided to light the fire.

Day 312 - November 8th

A lot of the marigolds have died but a few have survived the first frosts of the season.

Day 311 - November 7th

When its cold outside what better way to spend the day than snoozing......

Day 310 - November 6th

We had an interesting delivery at work today! 

Day 309 - November 5th

This afternoon we went to the cinema to see 'Thor Ragnarok'. We really enjoyed it.

Day 308 - November 4th

This evening we went to our Village Firework Display. It was a nice dry evening and quite mild and a good time was had by all.

Day 307 - November 3rd

November, and the roses are still producing buds!

Day 306 - November 2nd

Lara wanted some small gifts for school friends for Christmas. My friend Sue has a craft business selling handmade crafts and kindly made these cute recycled paperback book hedgehogs for Lara.