Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 111 - April 21st

A quite Sunday afternoon on the motorway taking Christopher back to University and VERY different weather conditions from when we collected him 4 weeks ago.  

Day 110 - April 20th

One of the fields we passed today whilst walking Millie is full of sheep and their babies. They weren't very happy to be photographed though and made a dreadful racket when I got close to the field gate.

Day 109 - April 19th

Heather in the garden.

Day 108 - April 18th

The finches are back! Not a great photo because the Gold Finches we get in our garden are very shy but I managed to snap this chap through the kitchen window today.

Day 107 - April 17th

Today, hidden in the garden, I found a couple of white violets. I photographed the purple ones previously but we rarely get the white ones.

Day 106 - April 16th

Today we celebrated our second family birthday in just over a week. Today Christopher turned 19 and luckily he was home with us to celebrate. He decided he didn't want a birthday cake but preferred a Birthday Trifle!

Day 105 - April 15th

Today the sparkly card I made the other week was shown on the Scrapology blog. As well as making the card I also made a little handbag which opens up to be used to hold a little gift. 

Day 104 - April 14th

Inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee TV programme Lara decided to make some clothes for Ted. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 103 - April 13th

A portrait of Millie taken by Wayne. Despite not being allowed on the furniture, the cheeky hound jumped up on the footstool right in front of him and sat there as proud as punch of her achievement.

Day 102 - April 12th

Today I spent quite a bit of time ironing. I HATE ironing and why do I constantly seem to be buying new irons? How long should an iron last? Mine don't last long! I always have a problem with the button that gives a quick blast of steam getting stuck. I don't tend to buy expensive irons so maybe its a case of you get what you pay for.

Day 101 - April 11th

It was rather rainy today. I love the images you get when taking photos of plants after a rain shower. 

Day 100 - April 10th

Wow, is it really Day 100! Today's photo is another in the series of 'What's the Building Site Like Today?'

Some of the houses are almost fully bricked up and the windows have all gone in. They are beginning to look quite smart and we haven't really been disturbed by the building work.

Day 99 - April 9th

We've been planning what bedding plants we're going to plant out this summer. We decided to plant Begonias in our raised border and choose a variety called' Destiny'  They are upright bedding plants in a mix of red, orange and yellow and will hopefully flower all summer long. The tiny plug plants were delivered a few weeks and have been pricked out and are now sitting in my Dad's greenhouse until they are big enough to plant outside once the risk if frost has past.

Day 98 - April 8th

Today is Steven's 15th birthday. My little boy who was once only too happy to pose for photos for me (like the one below) is now a little more reluctant to be photographed so the only photos I have to mark his birthday today are snaps taken on the mobile phone. Happy Birthday Steven x x

Day 97 - April 7th

Mum and Dad bought me a pot of hyacinths last week so a couple of months after the  hyacinths I planted at the beginning flowered I now have these gorgeous white flowers on the windowsill in the kitchen.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 96 - April 6th

Today's cake sale was a huge success.  £125.66 was raised for the World Land Trust. Well done kids!

Day 95 - April 5th

Inspired by their recent school project. Lara and her friend Iwan have decided to hold a cake sale tomorrow to raise some money to send to the World Land Trust to help Save the Rainforests. Today we have baked, and baked, and baked lots of cakes for the sale.

Day 94 - April 4th

Lara gave me these little chicks for Easter. They each contain a Cadburys Creme Egg and are sold for the Garden House Hospice. Every year thousands of chicks are knitted, personalised with their own faces and then filled with a Cadburys Creme Egg and sold in schools, shops and offices to raise money for the Hospice.

Day 93 - April 3rd

The children each got given one of these chocolate rabbits for Easter. Although probably very tasty, I think they rather evil. It's as if they are watching you.

Day 92 - April 2nd

Spring is certainly here. Beautiful blossom on this tree.

Day 91 - April 1st

Bank holiday today so I managed to find the time to make a card. Lots of sparkles on this. Just a sneak peek because it's for a design team challenge which won't get revealed until later this month.

Day 90 - March 31st (Easter Sunday)

Easter Sunday. Today we had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. It wasn't as warm as it has been some years but we still managed to hide and seek the plastic eggs in the garden. As the children get older I wonder how long this tradition will last.