Sunday, 11 June 2017

Day 161 - June 10th

In April I blogged about a competition Lara was taking part in at school with the chance to win a flight in a vintage aeroplane at a de Havilland Moth Club Charity Flying event. Well .... she was one of the winners and so today we drove to nearby Shuttleworth to a De Havilland Moth Club Charity Flying Event.

After quite a wait, due to adverse flying conditions (too windy!) the time came for Lara to claim her prize.

She was escorted to the Tiger Moth plane by two chaperones whose job it was to explain to her how to get into the plane, what to do and not to do during the flight and safety procedures.

Seated in front of the pilot with safety harness secured it was time to take to the air and we watched as the plane disappeared from sight.

15-20 minutes later she was back on land having thoroughly enjoyed the experience and with a broad smile on her face.

Lara was allowed to take a camera into the plane with her and here are some of the photos she took of the Bedfordshire countryside. She keeps saying how 'pretty' everything looked.

 Airlander 10 outside Cardington hangers.

An attempt at a high altitude Selfie!

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Juliet said...

Great experience and photos - well done Lara!